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Dear Sir,
I got to say I was impressed. I bought your product online(maximpakt enlargement pills) and asked for you to ship to Australia – which you did no problem and I appreciate it takes a while to notice but when I did I was delighted. I train hard and take care of how I look and like any guy, I want to enjoy my other masculine activities if you know what I mean.
I get pretty fatigued from the week so the last thing I would want is to engage sexually but those enlargement pills also helped me respond quicker and harder even when I felt tired and couldn’t be bothered. It’s almost like I could turn things on pretty much anytime with confidence. I was pointing further north and looked hot in the mirror. I stopped using it everyday after 2 weeks though as I got a boner sometimes when I didn’t expect it so adjusted the use to every second day morning and night.
Great stuff!
Will    N.S.W
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