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- After many years of trying Vig  Rx and other products online I have now discovered your eregra .

Wonderfull product and very fast delivery.

Will use again, 10/10 

Thanks,  Martin


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From: brianSent: 02 August 2009 13:31
Subject: maximus pills
Importance: High

Hi just a quick email to say how happy i am with the maximus pills they
are the best i have tried so far and i have tried many others over the
years these are the only ones that have started to work for me i bought my
the 3rd bottle the other day but i have got another 2 weeks of the second
bottle left i wont lie and say i have seen a huge difference yet i would
say i have gained about 1cm in Length but the girth is very noticeable
there are veins that are more fuller and noticeable and also i have
noticed a vein running the full length of the shaft of my penis which is
very thick my erections are a lot stronger in fact you only have to think
about something sexual and you get hard in no time also  the only side
affect i had was about 20Min's after taking the pills is a slight flush a
(warm glow)which you have when taking a erection pill like vrxv but its
nothing also i would like to mention i have got high blood pressure which
i am on medication for i had my 6 monthly check last week and my blood
pressure was fine in fact it was better than it ever had been.also baring
in mind i do penis exercises daily as well which does help a lot well its
like taking muscle supplements you have to got to gym as well as taking
them to gain muscle.i am going to be taking these fo another 6 months so i
will be sending another email to see how i am getting on being looking and
tried varius methods over 8 years i have finally found a penis pill that
will help me gain what i want with my daily exercises like i said to a lot
of people penis gain is a very slow proccess you will not gain 3 to 4
inches in a couple of months it takes time will write another email in 6
months time and let you know my gains Thanks
                              All the best Brian(Aberystwyth)


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